My Pet Clam

If you’re looking for clues to how nutty I am,
Then consider the fact that my pet is a clam.
But don’t call the police or psychiatrists yet.
Let me first tell my reasons for choosing this pet.

To begin with, no license nor leash is required.
And my clam wants no walks when I’m busy or tired.
There’s no damage to furniture, carpets, or floors
And no litter box cleaning or similar chores.

Late at night I’m not wakened by barking or noise.
And my clam needs no bathing nor grooming nor toys.
He or she (I can’t tell) doesn’t mind being held,
And no clam to my knowledge has ever rebelled.

It won’t bite me or scratch or complain when we play,
And I know for a fact that it won’t run away.
I can whisper my secrets and know it won’t tell.
But I can’t get my clam to come out of its shell.