A Note From
My Elderly Shoe

"One day while resting in the store
I saw you striding through the door.
You seemed a kindly youngster who
Would know just how to treat a shoe.
Though nervous, newly-made, and shy,
I did my best to catch your eye.
And then my heart was filled with glee.
You picked me up and purchased me!

You took me home and shined me up
And saved me from your hungry pup.
Beneath your bed you told me wait
Beside the one you called my mate.
I sat forgotten there for weeks
With all your dirty socks and sneaks,
Until one day at break of dawn
You picked me up and put me on!

For months I took you where you chose.
I saved your sole and heel and toes.
We dodged the mud and sidewalk cracks
And walked on walls and railroad tracks.
You put your trust and weight on me
And laced me tightly as could be.
Through pain and sweaty feet and rain
I held my tongue, did not complain.

But now I’m old, there is no doubt.
I’m tattered, torn, and all worn out.
I hear you’ve bought a brand new pair.
With all I’ve done, it isn’t fair!
Remember how we roamed and ran?
I need a good retirement plan.
I’ve earned a better ending than
The bottom of your garbage can!"