Have A Ball

They make balls I can bowl with and baseballs I belt.
There are paintballs that splatter and snowballs that melt.
There are balls made of popcorn and pool balls in racks.
There are balls hung at Christmas and balls used for jacks.

There are volley and beach balls for play by the sea,
And a ball all of crystal to see what will be,
And a ball made for tennis that's hollow with fuzz,
And a hole marks the spot where a cannonball was.

There are super balls, eyeballs, and tether ball poles.
There are racquet and hand balls and soccer ball goals.
There are matzo balls, melon balls, meatballs to gnaw.
And a huge wrecking ball that can knock down a wall.

There are musket and basketballs people can shoot.
There are screwballs and fireballs and footballs we boot.
There are wiffle balls, mothballs, and golf balls on greens.
There are polo balls, puffballs, and pinball machines.

There are cricket and spitballs and softballs to toss.
There are balls just for jai alai and balls for lacrosse.
There are cotton balls, cue balls, and balls for croquet.
And we've ping pong and nerf balls for rainy day play.