It soothes my sores and cools my drinks
And makes the floors for skating rinks.
It floats in punch in cubic form.
It's fun to crunch when I feel warm.

It's great for sleds and pucks and falls
And penguin beds and igloo walls.
On frigid days, it's hail or sleet
Or slipp'ry glaze that coats our street.

It's hard on brakes and branches, too.
It's goosebumps, shakes, and skin turned blue.
It lets me slide on walks to school
And melts inside and makes a pool.

It saves remains of fossils found
In polar plains and frozen ground.
It shapes the flakes of snow that drops.
It's crust on lakes and puddle tops.

It's bergs adrift on northern seas.
It's nature's gift adorning trees.
A hanging spear from roof or wire,
It's crystal clear and gleams like fire.