Twelve Hours of Trouble

Well, it started this morning soon after I woke.
I was tying my sneakers and both laces broke.
Then at breakfast I spilled a full cereal bowl,
And my brother, the HOG, ate my cinnamon roll.

I forgot all my books when I ran for the bus.
When my teacher found out, what a terrible fuss!
During math, Steve McGee threw a spitball at me.
So I threw one right back---- guess who teacher did see!

During recess a ball hit me smack in the eyes.
Next a test came in science, to my great surprise.
While in art class, I splattered red paint on my pants.
Then our music instructor made all of us dance.

Heading home, a big kid tore my tablet in two.
I was stung by a wasp zooming out of the blue.
At the door I was handed another new chore,
And I damaged my phone when it crashed to the floor.

Now it’s raining outside, and my dog’s at the vet.
Some dumb part in it broke, so there’s no TV set.
I’m so mad and I’m tired and there’s nothing to do.
Then at supper I choke on some horrible stew.

Next are homework and practicing flute for an hour.
Then it’s time for undressing and taking a shower.
After hugs from my parents, I’ll lie down and pray
That tomorrow will be a much easier day.