My Favorite Thing

I found a brick a month ago,
And at the time I did not know
How fine a treasure it would be
And how much pleasure give to me.

I use my brick to prop my feet,
To dam the gutters on our street,
To hold and trick our bathroom scales,
To cover holes and hammer nails.

My brick's a barbell in my hands.
A tower in my fort of sand.
A wall for tiny cars to crash.
A bomb to make the puddles splash.

A step to climb upon a chair,
A pillow for my teddy bear.
A hurdle when I roller skate,
A bookend and a paperweight.

It's ballast on a windy day.
A weapon keeping ghosts away.
It's cargo for my brand new truck.
It cheers me up and brings me luck.

My parents think my sense has fled.
My brother grins and shakes his head.
My friends believe I must be sick.
But I don’t care; I love my brick.