My Invisible Imp

I have a pest who lives with me
And follows me about.
This awful imp I cannot see,
I’d rather do without.
No days goes by that does not bring
Some prank to spoil my fun.
What follows is a list of things
That wicked imp has done:

On days I want to ride my bike
He makes my tire go flat.
And when they throw a pitch I like
He makes it miss my bat.
I aim and shoot my basketball---
He lifts the rim too high.
And when I want the snow to fall
He blows the clouds on by.

Each time I put my earbuds on,
He plays a song I hate.
And when at last the peas are gone
He puts more on my plate.
At night he manufactures noise
To keep me wide awake.
And when I get some brand new toys
He makes the best ones break.

Today he pulled a triple play.
The demon’s in his prime.
He tore my jacket, spilled my tray,
And lost my lucky dime.
I hope he soon gets tired of me
And goes to someone new.
In fact, if you’d like company
I’ll send him home with you.