A chance to act in plays at school.
A row of trophies on my shelf.
A game of chess or Wii or pool.
And flying kites I built myself.

The photographs I'll always keep.
My brand new football kicked and tossed.
A plunge through water warm and deep
And finding things I thought were lost.

The tug that means I've caught a fish.
The time I helped pick baby names.
My birthday with a cake and wish.
And pizza after soccer games.

Excitement when the fireworks start.
The echo of my loudest yell.
The fun of taking things apart.
And being told I'm doing well.

The smiles and jokes when friends arrive.
The sight of mustangs running free.
A roller coaster's thrilling dive.
And mornings 'round a Christmas tree.

The moment when I learn I've won.
A barefoot dash through sprinkler spray.
The rainbows after storms are done.
And waking up on Saturday.