Trouble With My Shadow

One night I heard my shadow say,
"Your life is such a bore!
You do the same things every day
And, furthermore, you snore!"

"I’m growing tired of this routine.
It’s nothing but a yawn.
I think I need a change of scene.
I’m leaving you at dawn."

"Please stay!" I pleaded in reply.
"I’ll miss you if you go.
I promise, if you’ll let me try,
To please you as we grow."

"I’ll let you walk in front of me.
You’ll never fall behind.
I’ll take you where you like and see
What shadows we can find."

""I’ll entertain at any cost
And make your life a lark.
I’ll hold you so you won’t get lost
At night when all is dark."

"I’ll be your pal and bodyguard.
You’ll never be afraid!"
Today my life is good--- but hard.
My happy shadow stayed.