Our Baby Girl

I’m not the youngest anymore.
They brought a baby home today.
It won’t be like it was before.
My brand new sister’s here to stay.

She’s such a soft and little tyke,
No larger than a teddy bear.
She’s pink and looks a little like
A rubber doll without the hair.

I hear that babies often cry,
That all they do is sleep and play.
They giggle when you wave goodbye
And must be changed and fed all day.

We’ll be together till we’re grown.
I’ll have to learn to help and share.
I’ll babysit when we’re alone
And take her with me everywhere.

She’ll imitate my every move.
She’ll want to walk and hold my hand.
With my instruction, she’ll improve;
She’ll learn to do and understand.

She’ll be a pest, but still I’m glad.
Just think of all the things we’ll do.
In fact, I may tell Mom and Dad
I’d like a baby brother, too.