The Schoolbus Revolt

Our school bus had for many years
Been plagued by body aches.
Until one day it ground its gears
And fiercely slammed its brakes.
“You rowdy kids are much too rough!”
The bus began to shout.
“You’ve screamed and hurt me long enough.
Now all of you GET OUT!”

We scrambled out and ran to school.
The driver scratched his head.
Relieved, the bus sat calm and cool
Pretending to be dead.
For weeks mechanics toiled and checked
To find the cause of it.
But no defect could they detect;
Our bus had simply quit.

Unwanted as a wilted rose,
The bus sat in a field.
With no more kids and no more woes,
Its ailments slowly healed.
To all the world it seemed a stray,
A useless, old machine.
Until one day it drove away
And nevermore was seen.