When I'm Alone

When no one else is in the house
But spiders, and perhaps a mouse,
I know a lot of things to do
To keep from being bored or blue.

I like to sing when folks can’t hear
And try to dance when no one’s near.
I rest and think my private dreams
And practice making monster screams.

I check the texts of famous stars
And strum on make-believe guitars.
I smile at mirrors on the wall
And stack my books until they fall.

I throw things to improve my aim
Or play my new computer game.
I draw a picture and pretend
Or chatter with my secret friend.

I sit in mother’s chair and rock
And watch the slowly changing clock.
I gather all the snacks I’ll need,
Then build a pillow pile and read.

I love to have the company
Of all my friends and family.
But I can be completely free
When I’m at home alone with me.