Recess Time

I’ll jump some rope and somersault.
I’ll play some tag and won’t get caught.
I’ll dangle from the chin-up bar.
I’ll roar just like a racing car.
I’ll kick a goal and throw a pass.
I’ll look for stones and pluck some grass.
I’ll call some kid a nasty name
And play my friend’s ‘lectronic game.
I’ll hopscotch till I win one time.
I’ll grab the jungle gym and climb.
I’ll sneak around and holler, “Boo!”
Then catch my breath and watch the view.
I’ll swagger and pretend I’m king.
I’ll use the sliding board and swing.
I’ll watch the wind unfurl the flag.
Across the field I’ll zig and zag.
I’ll soak the sun and sniff the air.
I’ll chew some gum and pull some hair.
I’ll yell until my eardrums ring.
I’ll do a bit of ev’rything.