It carries ships across the sea.
It quenches thirst and douses fire.
It washes clothes and cars and me
And helps make slush and mud and mire.

It hides our navy’s submarines
And serpent lairs and mermaid homes.
It freshens, comforts, cools, and cleans.
It sprinkles, splashes, drips, and foams.

It glistens and reflects the moon
And fills a wizard’s castle moat.
It makes the swamp for crane or loon.
It’s where I wade and swim and float.

It flows through dams and generates
To make electric energy.
It forms the ice for flashing skates
And lets me surf and water ski.

It’s crashing waves and waterfalls.
It’s home for crocodiles and snakes.
It’s thunderstorms and springtime thaws
And rippling streams and mountain lakes.

It springs from wells and irrigates
So farmers’ arid crops will grow.
It drenches, floods, and devastates
Or gently falls as Christmas snow.