A Letter Just For Me

I went to get the mail for Dad,
And now what do I see?
A letter, first I’ve ever had,
Addressed to only me!

I’m turning numb; my knees and thumb
And all my fingers shake.
How far’s it come and who’s it from?
It must be some mistake.

I bet it’s just my sister’s prank,
Or ads to make me spend.
Or could it be some crazy crank
Or message from a friend?

It may be mail that Mom calls junk
They send to everyone.
Or note that says I’m gonna flunk
Or bad things that I’ve done.

It’s mine to do with as I choose,
To tear up, burn, or read.
Suppose it’s really awful news,
The kind I do not need?

I think I’ll keep it sealed up tight
And scribble out my name.
And then I’ll hide it out of sight
As if it never came.