Weekend Homework

Our weekly spelling words to learn
And maps to label right.
I’ll need some midnight oil to burn.
Farewell to Friday night!

A poem to learn and then recite;
No Saturday cartoons.
A book report to read and write;
There go the afternoons!

A science test to study for
And math I must complete.
Some questions ‘bout the Civil War.
I hope I’ve time to eat!

A dozen definitions then
To cram into my head.
I’ll finish Sunday night by ten.
My weekend will be dead!

The thought of fun I could’ve had
Just makes me want to bawl.
And now I’m getting good and mad.
There oughta be a law!

They say I need to know this stuff
So I’ll succeed someday.
But five days spent in school’s enough.
A weekend’s meant for play!