Fun In The Dark

Last night from five to twelve o’clock
I saw an eerie sight.
For there along our city block
We lost our power and light.
The darkness gave us quite a scare,
But soon it turned to fun.
Excitement filled the ev’ning air
With things I’d never done.

We followed flashlights when we walked
And logs we lit for heat.
We sat around the fire and talked
With pets upon our feet.
We sang some songs that mother knew
And played some silly games.
Then paper planes we made and flew
And tossed into the flames.

In shadows shaped by candle glow
I hid from all the rest.
From room to room we’d softly go
To see who crept the best.
Then brother read a gory tale
That made my hair stand straight.
We gulped some snacks and ginger ale,
Played chess, and stayed up late.

At first, that sudden plunge to black
Made all my fam’ly mad.
But later when the lights came back
I started feeling sad.
Our night was like a trip to Mars
Astride a unicorn.
But still I thank my lucky stars
That Edison was born.