The Best Child On Earth

When I visit my grandma, I’m pampered all day.
She considers me perfect, a heavenly child.
While my parents are with me, I hear and obey;
But when grandma is tending, I’m free to run wild.

If I break all my crayons or make a big mess
Or demolish my gifts, no rebuke do I hear.
If I truly am awful, but cry and confess,
There are cookies to comfort her sweet little dear.

When I fall from a swing or get hurt in a fight,
She takes care of the wound on her poor little lamb.
If I put on a mask and then give her a fright,
She just chuckles and says what a rascal I am.

It’s a day without rules for this angel in pants,
So I try all the things that a naughty kid should.
You can have all your wonderful uncles and aunts;
Give me grandma to hug me and spoil me for good.

She reads stories at bedtime and tucks me in tight,
And she always remembers the date of my birth.
Though I don’t always listen or do what is right.
In my grandmother’s eyes, I’m the best child on earth.