Go Green

My bedroom walls are painted green,
The coolest color ever seen.
You keep your reds and golds and blues.
Of all the hues, it's green I'd choose.

It's pickles, olives, pears, and peas.
It's emeralds and Christmas trees.
A lizard, leprechaun, or lime.
It's witch's eyes and mint and slime.

A spaceship's phosphorescent glow.
The traffic light that signals "Go."
It's camouflage for our marines
And scary masks on Halloweens.

It's jungles, jade, and Peter Pan.
The Hulk or Shrek or Martian man.
The fields and orchards farmers sow
And putting greens and lawns we mow.

It's cash our parents' bosses pay.
The color of St. Patrick's Day.
The Celtics jersey that I wear.
It's what someday I'll dye my hair.