The Dance

Our principal announced one day
Our school would hold a dance in May.
She told us two months in advance
To give us time to learn to dance.
My parents told me I should go
'Cause dancing's something I should know.
Then even brother said I should,
That somehow it would do me good.

My sister said she'd like the chance
To teach a klutz like me to dance.
I tripped and slipped and tried to quit,
But then I got the hang of it.
My mother dragged me to the mall,
To purchase clothing for the ball.
A boring suit and shoes and tie,
The kind that nerds and grownups buy.

I sat in silence, feeling tight,
As father drove me there that night.
I didn't dance at all at first.
I sat and talked and quenched my thirst.
Then came the evening's biggest test.
I saw the girl I liked the best.
My hopes were low, I must confess;
But when I asked, she answered yes.

At ten o'clock the dance was done.
It wasn't bad and kinda fun.
But now my dancing days are through.
I've other things I'd rather do.
I'm skater, tweeter, athlete, scout,
And volunteer, so dancing's out.
And yet I promised Dad and Mom
That I'll attend my senior prom.