Words Are Weird

Professors, writers, moms, and nerds
Are good at spelling English words.
The rest of us, I guess, are dense
'Cause dictionaries make no sense.

They spell the sound of "or" like door
Or roar or more or four or war.
Why can't they all be spelled the same?
Some guy named Webster is to blame.

It's weight or skate or bait or great.
How can we keep these spellings straight?
It's plane or reign, campaign or vein.
No wonder kids like me complain.

Spell stew like chew and blue like glue
And zoo like goo and gnu like flu.
Remember shoe and you and who.
That's what a speller has two dew.

Cough sounds like off, but then somehow,
Dough sounds like go and bough like cow
And through like new and rough like puff.
This stuff's too tuff. I've had enuff.