Reunion Day

Tomorrow is the first of June.
That means reunion’s coming soon.
Another chance to say hello
To kin last seen a year ago.
Familiar faces everywhere
Will make the day a great affair.

We'll welcome then, as best we can,
The relatives we call our clan.
Like Mother's funny brother, Zack,
Who likes his burgers nearly black
And Grandpa Max, who's eighty-eight
And always moans if dinner's late.

I 'specially like my Grandma Flo
Who pitches horseshoes like a pro,
And Aunt Marie, who calls me “Dear”
And bakes us brownies every year,
And Uncle Hal, who’s bald and round,
And brings along his basset hound.

A dozen cousins will be here,
Including one born just this year.
They're nerdy, cool, and in between,
And range in age from tot to teen.
There’s one real smart and one quite tall
And one whose name I can’t recall.

There’s Juan, who's fast, and Shane, who's not.
And Josh, who thinks he's really hot.
There’s Melanie, who burps and croaks
And cracks me up with stupid jokes.
There’s Lynn with hair that’s red and long.
Dewan is cute, and Jake is strong.

We’ll check to see who’s grown the most
And Kim will blush and Quinn will boast.
I’ll wave my snake and watch ‘em shriek
And we’ll play tag and hide-and-seek.
We’ll race and swim and burst balloons
And share our fav’rite blogs and tunes.

From time to time, we'll take a break
To videos and selfies take.
Then dinner bell will loudly sound
And picnic tables we’ll surround.
We’ll load our trays and find a place
And then I’ll madly stuff my face.

Before you know, the day will end
And weary kids will play suspend.
From folding chairs the old will rise
To join in hugs and long goodbyes.
And then they’ll all be on their ways.
I’ll always love reunion days.