Being Bossed

My mother tells me, "Do what's right,
Don't lie or cheat, and be polite."

My father says, "No slamming doors.
Get better grades, and do your chores."

My sister says, "Don't touch my phone.
Get lost, and leave my things alone."

My teacher says, "Don't text in class.
No gum, and work, or you won't pass."

Our driver says, "Stay in your seat.
Don't yell, and keep the bus floor neat."

My preacher says, "Do good, not bad.
Be kind, forgive, and don't get mad."

My coach tells me, "Don't let them score.
Play hard, don't quit, and practice more."

Our sitter says, "Don't bother me.
Be still, pipe down, and watch TV."

My pleading dog has looks that say,
"Give me some food, and then let's play."

My conscience is a big boss, too.
I tell myself what I should do.