Lots of Life

A beagle, pug, and Labrador
That race to greet us at the door.
A pair of cats that sister got
That hate the dogs and hide a lot.

A tank with fish of diff'rent types:
Both red and gold and some with stripes.
A lizard Grandma will not touch.
A goat that Dad thinks eats too much.

"I'd like a monkey," once I said.
They went and bought some ducks instead.
Since then, we've added to our zoo
A turtle, snake, and cockatoo.

We've no more room. We've all agreed.
A larger house is what we need.
Instead of lawns, we need a park.
Or better yet, let's build an ark.

They're lots of work, but loads of fun.
We love and treasure every one.
This lively, loud menagerie
Makes home a pleasant place to be.

I know some fam'lies, large and small,
That haven't any pets at all.
I'd miss the joy my fam'ly gets
From living with such loyal pets.