Field Trip

We climb aboard our yellow bus
With chaperones who sit with us.
Some rides are long, but we don't care.
We text with friends until we're there.

The destination's always new:
A nature trail or ship or zoo.
A fort or farm or factory
Or battlefield or gallery.

Museums and historic sites
Or launching pads for satellites.
A monument or science show,
We follow where our tour guides go.

When noontime comes, we stop to eat,
A chance to sit and rest our feet.
We've sandwiches and cakes and chips
In lunches parents pack for trips.

Then after lunch, there's more to see:
Exhibits or some scenery,
A park or planetarium
Or cavern or aquarium.

With souvenirs from shops we found,
We're happy to be homeward bound.
We're back aboard our mother ship.
How long until another trip?