All Sorts of Sports

I went to brother's football game.
The players look both big and tough.
I heard spectators shout his name.
It looked like fun, but kinda rough.

My sister prefers basketball.
You jump and dribble, shoot and guard.
It helps if you are fast and tall.
The practices are long and hard.

Our high school has a swimming team.
They're in the pool most every day.
Olympic games is what they dream.
It's mighty tiring, swimmers say.

In soccer games, you mostly run.
You chase the ball and kick to score.
You're happy when a game is won
And love to hear the people roar.

The little leagues are fun I know.
A dugout's where the players sit.
I bunt and slide and catch and throw;
But, most of all, I like to hit.

I could pick wrestling or lacrosse,
Or tennis, golf, or volleyball,
Or hurdles leap or discus toss.
I'd really like to play them all.

There's much to gain by taking part.
Your teammates soon become your friends.
And then you're always free to start
Another sport when season ends.