This game is one you cannot lose.
So just for fun, which would you choose:

Ride horses or drive racing cars?
Go round the world or go to Mars?

Become a dragon or a witch?
Be very smart or very rich?

Have lots of friends or lots of pets?
Sing by yourself or in quartets?

Kick soccer goal or hit home run?
Eat pancake stack or sticky bun?

A ride in blimp or submarine?
A messy room or one that's clean?

Play trumpet or play violin?
Play fair and lose or cheat and win?

Be born a twin or only child?
Live in a zoo or in the wild?

Feel winter's snow or summer's heat?
Get birthday gifts or trick-or-treat?

Have power to fly or disappear?
Move somewhere else or stay right here?

See purple grass or orange sky?
Eat hot dogs or eat pizza pie?

On paper or computer pad,
What other choices would you add?