From what kids say and texts I've read,
The list is long of things they dread.
What follows are some common frights
That keep those kids awake at nights:

They don't like earthquakes, fire, or flood,
Or lightning bolt, or sight of blood.
A witch's cackle, rat, or roach
Or howling winds as storms approach.

A sneaky snake or smelly skunk
Or sleeping in the upper bunk.
An alligator, wolf, or shark
Or haunted houses after dark.

A noise behind an attic door
Or shadows creeping 'cross the floor.
Tarantulas and growling dogs.
The woods at night and heavy fogs.

They're 'fraud of leeches, bugs, and heights
And skeletons and vampire bites.
A zombie's grave or spooky cave
Or meteor or tidal wave.

But none of these things bother me.
I'm made of pluck and bravery.
I laugh at ghosts and things that "Boo!"
Though I admit I'm scared of you.