Christmas Day

At home our parents got a shock
In early morning yesterday.
For we awoke at five o'clock
And jumped right up, prepared to play.

To rouse them in their comfy beds,
We shouted out excitedly,
"Get up, Get up, you sleepyheads,
Let's look beneath the Christmas tree!"

In robes and slippers and pj's
We hurried to the basement den.
There piles of presents met our gaze
For Santa Claus had come again.

Our breakfast time was then delayed
While gifts were quickly handed out.
The best new games at once we played
With wrapping paper strewn about.

We then got dressed, for coming soon
Were many friends and all our kin.
The house completely filled by noon
And Christmas dinner could begin.

A huge buffet was on display
With tasty choices for dessert.
Which caused the trouble I can't say,
But later on my stomach hurt.

My chums and cousins shared their apps
And romped all afternoon with me.
The grownups talked while some took naps,
Shot videos, or watched TV.

We finished off the cakes and pies
Around the time that dark arrives.
And then with kisses and goodbyes
They started on their homeward drives.

Our parents sighed and started then
To tidy up the messy floor.
The hallway clock was striking ten,
And all was quiet as before.

With relatives and lots to eat
And gifts and decoration lights,
Another Christmas was complete.
We wearily exchanged good nights.