Beneath My Bed

A really scary tale I read
About a monster who
Would hide beneath a youngster's bed
And wicked things then do.

I tried to think just how I could
In secret search my room.
If found, I hoped the monster would
Return then to its tomb.

I could reach down with Dad's iPad
And snap to see what's there.
But glaring light might make it mad,
And so I did not dare.

I hatched another plan instead
To see if all's okay.
"Is there a monster neath this bed?"
Each night I'd loudly say.

Just silence, so I'd then sleep tight.
Until from down below,
I got an awful fright last night:
A voice that answered, "No."

I panicked until suddenly
My brain then realized
It's fibbing; it was plain to see.
And so this trick I tried:

"If you don't leave, then you will die.
My laser gun's turned on!"
(If it can lie, then so can I.)
I think the monster's gone.