Jose's Okay

Our friend is named Jose O'Shea,
Whose name we children love to say.
"Jose O'Shea, are you okay?"
"Jose, are you okay today?"
"Let's play croquet today, Jose."
"Jose O'Shea, don't disobey!"

But suddenly last Saturday,
Jose was looking sick and gray.
The doctors said, to our dismay,
That they must take Jose away
To operate without delay,
And for Jose we all should pray.

Then afterward, they said that they
Were hopeful, but he'd have to stay.
We found it hard to sleep or play,
And all chipped in to help to pay
To send a card and big bouquet
To put beside where Jose lay.

Gigantic smiles we now display
'Cause happy news has come our way.
We hug and cheer and dance and sway
And altogether shout, "Hurray!
They say Jose O'Shea's okay!
Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!"